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The Summer Program in Epidemiology is Under Way!

The Summer Program in Epidemiology, a joint collaboration between the CCDD and the Department of Epidemiology, welcomed 10 undergraduate students from around the country to participate in this year’s program, which meets from June 17, 2013 to July 12, 2013.  The rigorous program, in its third year, incorporates introductory coursework in biostatistics and epidemiology, faculty lectures, field trips, and group research projects.

This year the students are working with the following faculty mentors on their research projects: Caroline Buckee (Infectious Disease Epidemiology), Alkes Price (Molecular & Genetic Epidemiology) and Jennifer Rider (Cancer Epidemiology and Cancer Prevention).  The students will present the results of their projects, Friday, July 12, 2013 at 9:30 am in the Epi library (Kresge Room 907).  All are welcome.  

For more information about the Summer Program, go to our Opportunities page for the details.

Meet the 2013 Summer Program Students

Iman Allawzi:
My name is Iman Allawzi. I recently completed my undergraduate degree in Neurobiology and Physiology from Purdue University.  I am interested in human and social development to improve women's health and livelihood.
Faculty Mentor: Jennifer Rider

Ryan Anderson:
Hello, I'm Ryan Anderson and I'm currently a sophomore at the University of Pennsylvania.  I'm planning a major in Mathematics and History and hope to attend graduate school in a related field.  My academic interests include the economics and politics of public health, as well as the way the environment works to impact our health.
Faculty mentor: Alkes Price

Milli Desai:
My name is Milli Desai and I will be a senior at the University of California, San Diego majoring in Human Biology and minoring in Global Health. I am interested in using epidemiology to improve health outcomes and health disparities, especially in global health and social medicine contexts. I am thrilled to be learning here at the HSPH. Email me at mjdesai@ucsd.edu if you would like to discuss any of this information!
Faculty Mentor: Caroline Buckee

Silvanna Francescutti
Greetings! My name is Silvanna Francescutti, and I am one semester away from receiving double bachelors in Genetics and Human Nutrition at New Mexico State University. Aside, I am an active nurse hoping to pursue an MD/ PhD focusing on public health. My overall interests are to promote sustainable development towards economies and the basic human rights, which target the improvement and accessibility of healthcare.
Faculty Mentor: Jennifer Rider

Bernice Gyamfi
Hello! My name is Bernice Gyamfi and I’m a senior at North Carolina State University majoring in Nutrition Science. I am interested in innovative ways of solving global health challenges and health policy.
Faculty Mentor: Jennifer Ryder

Jean Guo:
My name is Jean Guo and I’m a recent graduate of Stanford University, where I doubled majored in Economics and Human Biology. I hope to leverage my knowledge and experience in public health, economics, and policy to design and implement solutions in the field of international health policy one day. In addition to working as an editor for the Stanford Journal of Public Health and serving as an Alternative Spring Break leader for the children’s health trip, my experiences shadowing physicians in Paris as a medical intern, co-authoring articles on women’s health and global obesity in the Huffington Post with the former Assistant Surgeon General, and studying the oral polio vaccine in an infectious diseases lab in the School of Medicine have all strengthened my desire to work towards addressing the disparities in health and access to health care that can have huge consequences for any community or country.  
Faculty Mentor: Caroline Buckee

Bolivia Hurtado de Mendoza:
My name is Bolivia Hurtado De Mendoza and I am a recent graduate from Columbus State University, where I majored in Biology and minored in Spanish. I am pursuing an MD/MPH focusing on global health and my interests include identifying environmental and genetic risk factors for brain tumors. I am also very interested in infectious disease epidemiology, vaccine safety, and infection control and prevention. Please feel free to email me at boliviahdm@gmail.com to discuss any of these interests.

Faculty Mentor: Caroline Buckee

Jenna Palmer:
My name is Jenna Palmer and I’m currently a junior at Northeastern Illinois University double majoring in Applied Mathematics and Earth Science, minoring in Chemistry.  My interests include Mathematical Modeling, Physical Volcanology and Statistics applied to investigations in geothermal energy and public health. 
Faculty Mentor: Alkes Price

Kenneth Pass:
Hello, my name is Kenneth M. Pass and I am a senior at Morehouse College studying psychology. My interests are in behavioral health science, particularly HIV/AIDS, the sociopsychological implications of health disparities, and social determinants of health. Currently, my career goals are to be a clinical and health researcher, a public health policy analyst, and an author.
Faculty Mentor: Caroline Buckee

Loren Santana:
My name is Loren Santana and I graduated from Skidmore College as a math major and environmental studies minor. I’m interested in applied math with a focus on mathematical modeling of global issues pertaining to environmental sustainability and public health.
Faculty Mentor:  Alkes Price