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Postdoctoral Positions

The goal of these postdoctoral fellowships is to improve the independence of trainees and foster creativity and risk taking.  The fellowships are structured to allow trainees maximum independence by working with a mentor on a topic of common interest that may not be funded in the mentor’s research grant.  

The Center’s collaborators specialize in different areas ranging from causal inference, to computationally intensive biostatistics, to transmission dynamics of drug resistant infectious diseases.  Postdoctoral fellows can review the information on the Center’s website and select a mentor best suited to work with them based on their research interests. 

Please note that although these fellowships encourage independence, the fellows’ research interests and educational background must relate to Center goals.  Applicants with educational backgrounds and research interests that do not coincide with the Center’s research are ineligible for consideration.  Please review the “About” page of our website carefully to determine whether or not your research interests align with the investigators within the Center.   

To apply:

  • Review the “About” page and determine the Harvard faculty investigator you would like to work with; you can select as many as you would like.
  • Contact the faculty member directly to determine a mutually appealing project. 
  • Complete and submit the application form found here. 


In addition, please include the following: 

    • Cover letter with a 1-3 page description of your research plan and why you selected the chosen investigator(s)
    • Curriculum vitae
    • Contact information for two references
    • Letter of support from your proposed mentor (Center collaborator) indicating their willingness to supervise your postdoctoral fellowship and their level of enthusiasm for the proposed project.
    • Please send the materials to Melanie Larsen, Outreach Manager


Eligible persons will have completed doctoral training by the time they take up the fellowship, and are not more than 3 years past the completion of the doctoral degree at that time.

Candidates who solely submit a resume via email without following the steps above will not be considered.