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Master of Science in Epidemiology

The Center for Communicable Disease Dynamics is offering an exciting opportunity to stellar applicants who apply to the Master's program in Epidemiology.   The MIDAS Center for Communicable Disease Dynamics will provide an annual salary of approximately $20,000 and the School has agreed to award the chosen applicant with a full tuition scholarship for the upcoming academic year*

The Master's program is designed to enhance the education of future leaders in public health policy and practice by exposing them to the concepts of communicable disease dynamics, and otherwise raising awareness of the unique features of communicable diseases that demand tailored approaches in scientific analysis and policy response. 

Our goal is to educate the next generation of infectious disease researchers by providing them with advanced training in model design and analysis, biostatistics especially as applied to infectious diseases, decision analysis, and the biological basis of infectious diseases.  Students with quantitative science backgrounds are encouraged to apply!  To find out if you’re interested in Infectious Disease Epidemiology as a concentration, please visit the website at www.idepi.hsph.harvard.edu to review the course work and to read about our current students.

Students must satisfy all the requirements below:

  • Applicants must be U.S. citizens, U.S. nationals or permanent residents of the U.S. 
  • Applicants must have a GPA of 3.0 or above
  • Applicants must be from an underrepresented group in biomedical research, which is defined by meeting the criteria found here.
  • Applicants must be from a quantitative science background or have taken several quantitative classes beyond intro level courses.

How to apply for this opportunity:

  • Students must apply to the Harvard School of Public Health using the online SOPHAS application.
  • Please select “Infectious Disease Epidemiology” under Area of Interest.
  • Complete the application form and return it directly to Melanie Larsen.  The form must be received prior to submitting the SOPHAS online application. 

For questions, please contact Outreach Manager, Melanie Larsen

*Please note that a tuition scholarship does not include fees