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Accounting for Uncertainties in Prediction When Making Vaccine Policy

2021/03/30 @ 10:25 pm - 10:45 pm

Text: COVID-19 Pandemic Forecasting AcceleratorThis event will feature Marc Lipsitch and be hosted by the Korean Academy of Science. Option to register here. Stream the event here. View the symposium agenda here.

In the era of the COVID-19 pandemic, predictive research on the number of infections and deaths using statistics is actively being carried out. In particular, we are extensively researching in the fields of big data and AI analysis technology that go beyond existing mathematical, statistical, and mechanical predictive studies. As such, as the era of COVID-19 enters a second year, various efforts are being made to overcome infectious diseases around the world. COVID-19 continues to threaten the world, with virus outbreaks in the UK, South Africa and Brazil, even though the vaccine was developed in an exceptionally short period of time.

In order to prevent the spread of these infectious diseases and overcome the current situation, it is necessary to actively share and discuss modeling studies that are used to establish effective strategies and strategies for responding to infectious diseases in each country. Currently, governments around the world wear masks, various non-pharmaceutical interventions (NPI) such as social distancing and suspension of facility operations are being conducted, and modeling studies based on data collected in various ways are conducted to implement appropriate policies, and the results are utilized for major policy decisions. The 46th KAST International Symposium will present the global COVID-19 response strategy and modeling research results.


10:25 pm - 10:45 pm