Jesse Shapiro

CCDD Postdoctoral Research Fellow, 2011-2013

I am a computational evolutionary biologist interested in identifying ecologically and clinically important signatures of positive natural selection in microbial genomes. My basic approach can be described as ‘reverse ecology,’ where patterns of variation in microbial genomes are analyzed to learn about the underlying ecology of wild populations.

I did my PhD in Computational and Systems Biology at MIT in the lab of Eric Alm where I developed computational techniques to identify genes under selection in bacterial genomes, and to understand the mechanisms of ecological differentiation, over both very ancient and very recent evolutionary time scales. I joined Pardis Sabeti’s group in September 2011, where I worked on intra-host evolution of Lassa virus and host-pathogen coevolution. I also collaborating with Maha Farhat and Megan Murray on identifying mutations associated with antibiotic resistance in M. tuberculosis. I’m currently an Assistant Professor and Canada Research Chair at Université de Montréal.