Rinat Sergeev

CCDD Postdoctoral Research Fellow, 2010-2011
Current Title: Senior Data Scientist and Scientific Advisor, Crowd Innovation Lab, Harvard Business School

Rinat received his PhD in Physics of Semiconductors in Ioffe Institute, Saint Petersburg. Following his innate curiosity, he pursued challenges in a variety of academic fields, from Quantum-Mechanical Processes to Immunology and Epidemiology. His research interests include conceptual analysis, analytical approaches and models in multiple areas. Currently, Rinat is a growing specialist of machine-learning algorithms and algorithmic challenges. His personal interests include Math puzzles, strategic games and politics. Click here…

Aimee Taylor

Research Associate
Center for Communicable Disease Dynamics, Department of Epidemiology

Aimee Taylor was a postdoctoral research fellow at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health working under the mentorship of Caroline Buckee. Aimee also has close ties with the Parasite and Vector Genomics group at the Broad institute, where she was previously based under the mentorship of Daniel Neafsey. Aimee received her PhD from the University of Oxford, joint between the Department of Statistics and the WorldWide Antimalarial Resistance…

Amy Wesolowski

CCDD Postdoctoral Research Fellow, 2014-2016
Current Title: Assistant Professor, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health

Amy Wesolowski is an infectious disease epidemiologist.  Her research focuses on how we human behavior can impact the spatial spread of various infectious diseases with a particular focus on vector-borne and vaccine-preventable diseases.

Colin Worby

CCDD Postdoctoral Research Fellow, 2013-2016
Current Title: Postdoctoral Fellow, Princeton Unviersity

I am interested in the use of pathogen genomic data to investigate disease transmission dynamics. I am developing models to better understand within-host pathogen diversity, and integrating these into a framework to analyse between-host transmission. Click here for more information about Colin Worby.

Reza Yaesoubi

Assistant Professor of Public Health (Health Policy)
Yale School of Public Health

Dr. Yaesoubi’s research focuses on medical decision making and model-based evaluation of health policies. His work incorporates mathematical and computer simulation models, statistical methods, and optimization techniques to guide resource allocation and decision making in public health and health delivery systems. He has applied these methods in conducting cost-effectiveness analyses of colorectal cancer screening strategies, estimating societal willingness-to-pay for health, and characterizing performance-based payment systems for preventive care systems. His…