Decreased Infectivity Following BNT162b2 Vaccination

Author(s): Regev-Yochay G, Amit S, Bergwerk M, Lipsitch M, Leshem E, Kahn R, Lustig Y, Cohen C, Doolman R, Ziv A, Novikov I, Rubin C, Gimpelevich I, Huppert A, Rahav G, Afek A, Kreiss YJournal: SSRN April 2021
BNT162b2 was shown to be 92% effective in preventing COVID-19. Prioritizing vaccine rollout, and achievement of herd immunity depend on…

A framework for microbiome science in public health.

Author(s): Wilkinson JE, Franzosa EA, Everett C, Li C, HCMPH researchers and trainees., HCMPH investigators., Hu FB, Wirth DF, Song M, Chan AT, Rimm E, Garrett WS, Huttenhower CJournal: Nat MedPMID: 33820996 April 2021
Human microbiome science has advanced rapidly and reached a scale at which basic biology, clinical translation and population health are…

COVID-19 vaccine impact on rates of SARS-CoV-2 cases and post vaccination strain sequences among healthcare workers at an urban academic medical center: a prospective cohort study.

Author(s): Bouton TC, Lodi S, Turcinovic J, Weber SE, Quinn E, Korn C, Steiner J, Schechter-Perkins EM, Duffy E, Ragan EJ, Taylor BP, Schaeffer B, Miller N, Davidoff R, Hanage WP, Connor J, Pierre C, Jacobson KRJournal: medRxivPMID: 33821283 March 2021
COVID-19 vaccine trials and post-implementation data suggest vaccination decreases SARS-CoV-2 infections.