Strengthen oversight of risky research on pathogens

Author(s): Pannu J, Palmer MJ, Cicero A, Relman DA, Lipsitch M, Inglesby TJournal: Science December 2022
Life sciences research offers immense benefits and is crucial for advancements in medicine, public health, agriculture, and management of the…

Investigate the origins of COVID-19.

Author(s): Bloom JD, Chan YA, Baric RS, Bjorkman PJ, Cobey S, Deverman BE, Fisman DN, Gupta R, Iwasaki A, Lipsitch M, Medzhitov R, Neher RA, Nielsen R, Patterson N, Stearns T, van Nimwegen E, Worobey M, Relman DAJournal: SciencePMID: 33986172 May 2021