Prevalence and Correlates of Long COVID Symptoms Among US Adults.

Author(s): Perlis RH, Santillana M, Ognyanova K, Safarpour A, Lunz Trujillo K, Simonson MD, Green J, Quintana A, Druckman J, Baum MA, Lazer DJournal: JAMA Netw OpenPMID: 36301542 October 2022
Persistence of COVID-19 symptoms beyond 2 months, or long COVID, is increasingly recognized as a common sequela of acute infection.

Methods for early characterisation of the severity and dynamics of SARS-CoV-2 variants: a population-based time series analysis in South Africa.

Author(s): Reichert E, Schaeffer B, Gantt S, Rumpler E, Govender N, Welch R, Shonhiwa AM, Iwu CD, Lamola TM, Moema-Matiea I, Muganhiri D, Hanage W, Santillana M, Jassat W, Cohen C, Swerdlow DJournal: Lancet MicrobePMID: 36057266 August 2022
Assessment of disease severity associated with a novel pathogen or variant provides crucial information needed by public health agencies and…