Reply to Chen et al.

Author(s): Cohen T, Chindelevitch L, Misra R, Kempner ME, Galea J, Moodley P, Wilson DJournal: J Infect DisPMID: 27493235 October 2016

Rapid Drug Susceptibility Testing of Drug-Resistant Mycobacterium tuberculosis Isolates Directly from Clinical Samples by Use of Amplicon Sequencing: a Proof-of-Concept Study.

Author(s): Colman RE, Anderson J, Lemmer D, Lehmkuhl E, Georghiou SB, Heaton H, Wiggins K, Gillece JD, Schupp JM, Catanzaro DG, Crudu V, Cohen T, Rodwell TC, Engelthaler DMJournal: J Clin MicrobiolPMID: 27225403 August 2016
Increasingly complex drug-resistant tuberculosis (DR-TB) is a major global health concern and one of the primary reasons why TB is…

Classic reaction kinetics can explain complex patterns of antibiotic action.

Author(s): Abel zur Wiesch P, Abel S, Gkotzis S, Ocampo P, Engelstädter J, Hinkley T, Magnus C, Waldor MK, Udekwu K, Cohen TJournal: Sci Transl MedPMID: 25972005 May 2015
Finding optimal dosing strategies for treating bacterial infections is extremely difficult, and improving therapy requires costly and time-intensive experiments. To…