Vaccine nationalism and the dynamics and control of SARS-CoV-2

Author(s): Wagner CE, Saad-Roy CM, Morris SE, Baker RE, Mina MJ, Farrar J, Holmes EC, Pybus OG, Graham AL, Emanuel EJ, Levin SA, Metcalf CJE, Grenfell BTJournal: SciencePMID: 34404735 August 2021
Vaccines provide powerful tools to mitigate the enormous public health and economic costs that the ongoing SARS-CoV-2 pandemic continues to…

Investigate the origins of COVID-19.

Author(s): Bloom JD, Chan YA, Baric RS, Bjorkman PJ, Cobey S, Deverman BE, Fisman DN, Gupta R, Iwasaki A, Lipsitch M, Medzhitov R, Neher RA, Nielsen R, Patterson N, Stearns T, van Nimwegen E, Worobey M, Relman DAJournal: SciencePMID: 33986172 May 2021

Structural basis for antibody inhibition of flavivirus NS1-triggered endothelial dysfunction.

Author(s): Biering SB, Akey DL, Wong MP, Brown WC, Lo NTN, Puerta-Guardo H, Tramontini Gomes de Sousa F, Wang C, Konwerski JR, Espinosa DA, Bockhaus NJ, Glasner DR, Li J, Blanc SF, Juan EY, Elledge SJ, Mina MJ, Beatty PR, Smith JL, Harris EJournal: SciencePMID: 33414220 January 2021
Medically important flaviviruses cause diverse disease pathologies and collectively are responsible for a major global disease burden. A contributing factor…