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nCOV - Making Sense of an Epidemic

Each day we learn more about the #nCOV2019 outbreak.

Here are 5 key questions and terminology in infectious disease epidemiology to help make sense of all of this information.

Translations available in 한국인, 官话, Français and Español.

Mutation, Adaptation, and Virus Genomes – A Primer for the Public

There is substantial uncertainty surrounding the novel coronavirus, and in light of unverified and frightening reporting, the following is to help the public understand what scientists are looking for when they examine viral sequences, and what you can and cannot tell from such data.

Translation available in 官话.

Journalists and Scientists - Working Together on COVID-19

The profusion of information about the growing COVID-19 outbreak presents challenges for reporters and the scientists they talk to when researching their stories. Good reporting (and science) has to distinguish legitimate sources of information from no end of rumor, half-truth, financially motivated promotion of snake-oil remedies, and politically motivated propaganda.