Bénédicte Gnangnon

Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Center for Communicable Disease Dynamics (CCDD)

Bénédicte was a Postdoctoral Research Fellow working under the mentorship of both Dr. Caroline Buckee (Department of Epidemiology) and Dr. Manoj Duraisingh (Department of Immunology and Infectious Diseases). Her work at CCDD focused on within-host dynamics of Malaria.
Prior to this postdoc position, Bénédicte received a General Engineer degree from HEI – Hautes Etudes d’Ingénieur (Lille, France) as well as a Research Master degree in Drug Design and a PhD degree in Cellular and Molecular Biology from Université de Lille in France. Over her PhD project, she performed the characterization of a pseudo-kinase of Plasmodium in the Center for Infection and Immunity of Lille (CIIL – MSCPGD Team).